Wave Pressure and Wave Height 

Wave Pressure and Wave Height 

  • Wave exerts pressure on the upstream face. This pressure force, Fwv depends on fetch (extent of the water surface on which the water blows) and wind velocity. It is of relatively small magnitude and, by its nature, random and local in its influence. An empirical allowance for wave load may be made by adjusting the static reservoir level used in determining FWV. According to Monitor the following formula could be used to determine the rise in water level, hw

for f 32 km

h w 0.763 0.032 vf 0.271 f 1 / 4

h w for f 32 km

0.032 vf

F2 .0 h 2

wz w where: hw in meters

v wind velocity in km/hr and f fetch in km

  • Wave configuration and wave pressure on a gravity dam

  • For high dams the wave pressure is small compared to other forces.

  • The point of application of Fwv can be taken as 3/8hw from the still water level.

  • The wave rides up higher on inclined dam faces as compared to the vertical one.