Roadway Classification with Respect to Width

Roadway Classification with Respect to Width

Road Land/Land Width & Right of Way

  • It is the area of land acquired for the road along it alignment keeping it view in future
  • Construction of a particular type of building is only permitted with sufficient set back from the road boundary upto control line.






“SIGHT DISTANCE”is the length of road visible ahead to the driver at any distance is considered by taking the eye of the driver to be 1.2m & height of the object to be 0.15m.

Restriction to the visibility /sight distance may be caused in the following cases

  • At horizontal curve when the line of sight is obstructed by the object at the inner side of the curve
  • At a vertical curve the line of sight is obstructed by the road surface of the curve
  • At an uncontrolled intersection when a driver from one approach roads are able to sight a vehicle from another approach roads towards it at the intersection due to presence of obstruction.
  • The sight distance available to the driver is depended upon the following factors
  1. Feature of road ahead Horizontal curve, vertical profile, traffic condition, possibility 

of restriction.

  1. Height of the driver's eye above  the road surface.
  2. Height of the object above the road surface.