Reservoir Storage Zone and Uses of Reservoir

Reservoir Storage Zone and Uses of Reservoir

The storage capacity in a reservoir is nationally divided into three or four parts (Figure 1) distinguished by corresponding levels.

These specific levels  and parts are generally defined as follows: 

  1. Full Reservoir Level (FRL): It is the level corresponding to the storage which includes both inactive and active storages and also the flood storage, if provided for. In fact, this is the highest reservoir level that can be maintained without spillway discharge or without passing water downstream through sluice ways. 

  2. Minimum Drawdown Level (MDDL): It is the level below which the reservoir will not be drawn down so as to maintain a minimum head required in power projects. 

  3. Dead Storage Level (DSL): Below the level, there are no outlets to drain the water in the reservoir by gravity. 

  4. Maximum Water Level (MWL): This id the water level that is ever likely to be attained during the passage of the design flood. It depends upon the specified initial reservoir level

  5. Live storage: This is the storage available for the intended purpose between Full Supply Level and the Invert Level of the lowest discharge outlet. The Full Supply   Level is normally that level above which over spill to waste would take place. The minimum operating level must be sufficiently above the lowest discharge outlet to avoid vortex formation and air entrainment. This may also be termed as the volume of water actually available at any time between the Dead Storage Level and the lower of the actual water level and Full Reservoir Level. 

  6. Dead storage: It is the total storage below the invert level of the lowest discharge outlet from the reservoir. It may be available to contain sedimentation, provided the sediment does not adversely affect the lowest discharge. 

  7. Outlet Surcharge or Flood storage: This is required as a reserve between Full Reservoir Level and the Maximum Water level to contain the peaks of floods that might occur when there is insufficient storage capacity for them below Full Reservoir Level.