• It’s a movement of multiple wagons or a train of wagons with steel wheels over two parallel steel rails that have less resistance.

  • Hence the cost of transportation by this method is way more cost effective than that of road approx one sixth.

  • Railways are considered as arteries of transportation system.


  • It offers minimum resistance to transaction hence is the cheapest method of all.

  • The time is more in this mode of transportation.

  • It's good for transportation of bulky goods of comparative low value.


  • Fastest among all the transportation.

  • It is invaded by high cost of transport

  • Its is suitable for transport of high value good for long route

  • Poor weather condition may affect the transportation


  • It is the most flexible mode of transportation.

  • Its required consumption of petroleum at high rate causing pollutants and harming the environment.

  • Major roadways are achieved by Highways and Expressways.

  • Highways are special types of road that allow high speed transportation.

  • It is generally constructed on embankments for better drainage,flood lines and avoiding entry of humans and animals.EXAMPLE National highways and state highways.

  • Expressways are superior types of highways that are designed as a direct source of connectivity between any specified place,it organizes traffic in a proper way.Example Mumbai-Pune expressway and Yamuna Expressway.