Introduction to construction Management

1.1 Infrastructure

  • Construction industry plays a vital role to encourage our GDP as it contributes more than 10% for economic development in India. 

  • Also, Various statistics reflects that after agricultural industry; it’s number two industry in India which promotes employment and empowers the youth. Wow…That’s amazing..!! But the question is what we can concluded from it? So I must say to promote economic development we need to boom construction activities which directly promotes infrastructure development.

  • Now-a-days we are not much aware about infrastructure development. Ohh…another new term..!!! Don’t worry…I will explain it. Basically, infrastructure development is nothing but to provide basic facilities and services for satisfying the basic requirements and needs.

  • Now there are two ways to provide it: First you can construct some physical element and it provides facility to function which is called Physical Infrastructure. Another is you are providing some space to perform social services to someone which is called Social Infrastructure. Too much complicated..??? Ahhhh….Wait I will explain you by example.

  • Suppose, You are going to your office. Now how will you reach to your office..?? Very simple…By Road. That road is your Physical Infrastructure which will provide you connectivity. Now think you are going and suddenly you messed with some traffic congestion and it’s very important for you to reach on time. What would you do? Definitely…!!! You will find out another route. For that, you are using free wi-fi facility provided by municipal corporation which is available in near-by area. That free wi-fi facility is your Social Infrastructure that is not directly do any function but it’s increases your ease to function. That means you will reach on time to your office. It’s quite simple na..!! Let’s Go Further…