Highway Alignment

Alignment surveys (studies) will be conducted for identifying,influence of each factor in the achievement of objectives.

Note- In case of hilly roads/ghat roads any special consideration present will be looked into.

Factors Affecting Highway Alignment


  1. Obligating Points

    Obstruction on the way of alignment.

    1. Passing type

    2. Non-passing type

  2. River bend
    Bridge should not be located at a curved bend of the river.

  3. Series of group of hills
    Alignment will pass with the help of tunnels/ghats of roads or roads can be passed by side of hills.

  4. Railway track
    Rail tracks cannot be made without avoiding safety of road vehicles for places that are a rushy flyover. It must be a recommendation to avoid accidents and delay in transport.

  • NOTE:

    • An (underpass/overpass) or (underbridge/overbridge) will be provided as we know rail crossing (level crossing).

    • If daily accumulated traffic due to gate closure > 50,000 ton/day.

    • If road rail crossing is within shunting limits of the station.

    • SHUNTING limits are the time limits of a station where trains are stopped for a long period of time.