Fixation of Live Storage Capacity for a Given Demand 

Fixation of Live Storage Capacity for a Given Demand 

Lines parallel to the demand lines are drawn at all the peak points of the mass inflow curve exclusive of upstream abstraction obtained from a long run off record on 10-day (or monthly ) basis as shown in Figure 4. When the demand line cuts the mass curve  the reservoir may be assumed to be full. The maximum ordinate between the demand line and the mass curve will give the live storage to meet the required demand. The vertical distance between the successive lines parallel to the demand line represents  the surplus water from the reservoir.

Estimation of a Demand from a Given Live Storage Capacity 

The net inflow mass curve is plotted from the available records. The demand lines arc, drawn at peak points of the mass curve in such a way that the maximum ordinate between the demand line and the mass curve is equal to the specified live storage. The demand lines shall intersect the mass curve when extended forward. The slope of the flattest line indicates the film demand that could be met by the given live storage capacity. 

Before fixing the reservoir capacity, it would be desirable to plot a curve between the net annual drafts and the required live storage capacities for these drafts. This curve will give an indication of the required live storage capacity. However, the economics of the capacity will have to be considered before deciding final capacity. 

Fixing of flood and surcharge storage 
In case of reservoirs having flood control as one of the purposes, a separate flood control storage is to be set apart above the storage meant for power, irrigation and  water supply. Flood control storage is meant for storing flood waters above a particular return period temporarily and to attenuate discharges up to that flood magnitude to minimise effects on downstream areas from flooding. Flood and surcharge storage between the full reservoir level (FRL), and maximum water level (MWL) attainable even with full surplussing by the spillway takes care of high floods and moderates them.