Engineering Survey for Highway Assignment

Engineering Survey for Highway Assignment
In order decide and finalize the probabile alignment following survey are in use:-

  • Map study

  1. Reconnaissance survey

  2. Preliminary survey

  3. Detailed/final survey

  • In map study various alignments are drawn on map,passing through a minimum number of obstruction & men utilization areas.

  • It is done by visiting the location under consideration, to identify the features which are not available on the map or which are changed over the time period of time.

  • Feasibility is also checked for the possible alignment in this stage.

  • In this survey chain,compass,traveling work,soil investigation ,drawing ,provision,traffic studies are carried out & road alignment is finalized.

  • In this planning,designing cost estimation & material estimation is done and a detailed project resort is designed.

Geometric Design of Highways
This deals with highway dimension & layouts of visible features of highway, such that it provides man efficiency at minimum cost & reasonable safety.

Geometric design of highways deals with the following elements.

  • Cross-section elements

  • Sight distance considerations

  • Horizontal alignment details

  • Vertical alignment details

  • Intersection details

​​​​​​​For designing of highway elements following factors are considered.