Different Branches of Geology

Different Branches of Geology

Physical Geology

The branch of geology that deals with the origin and development of various earth surface features is called Physical Geology. It also deals with the internal structure of the earth. Its explains the role played by the various geological agents on the earth surface.


It is the branch of geology which deals with the study of Minerals.This branch explains the formation, occurrence, aggregation end users of minerals.  This branch has been further divided into 3 sub branches namely crystallography, optical mineralogy and descriptive mineralogy. 


The branch of geology that deals with the study of rocks it's called uspatrology rocks defined as aggregates of mendel's. These rocks are main basic building blocks which makes earth crust. Formation of various types of rocks, their occurrence, composition, geological and geographical distribution of the earth surface under the title petrology. Further the rocks are subdivided as igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks. 

Historical Geology

This branch explains about the sequential deposition of various types of rocks as per their age. This branch is also called as Stratigraphy. The knowledge of historical geology helps in understanding the age of rocks, the type of deposition and the structural disturbance that had occurred during the formation of rocks. With the help of fossil evidences it also gives the idea of  the flora and funa with respect to that particular age. 

Economical Geology

The study of rocks and minerals that are useful for the economic purposes is called economic geology. This branch explains the estimation, reserve and occurrences of economic minerals like iron ore, manganese, crude oil etc.