Development of Roads in India

Development of Roads in India

  1. Government of india passed the resolution in 1927  for appointment of a committee to maximize the situation & development of road in India under the leadership Mr.Jayakar 

  2. The road development in the country is of national interest.

  3. An intra tax should be derived on petrol from the users for development of roads & would be termed as “CENTRAL ROAD FUND”.

  4. A semi official body was formed to give technical advice for road development.

  5. A research organization should be formed to carry out research & develop new techniques of rural development.

  6. As per jayakar committee CENTRAL ROAD FUND was established in 1929.

  7. At the approval of the government  a semi official technical body was formed in 1934 termed as INDIAN ROAD CONGRESS.

  8. In 1939 motor vehicle act was established for traffic safety.Laws relating to traffic (drivers,vehicle and operational stuff).

  9. A conference of all chief engineers was called by IRC for collective development of roads in India in 1943 ,1st 20 year plan was termed as Nagpur road plan[1943-1963].In this a target of 16/100 km2 area of country development target is to be achieved.

  10. In 1950 a central road research institution was established for carrying out road technology.

  11. In 1956 national highway act was passed for following purpose

  • To declare a certain highway as a national highway.

  • To enter into any land to carry out surveys.

  • To acquire land and take possession for development of national highways

  1. Second plan was initiated in [1961-1981] in bombay for development of 32/100 km2 road length area.

  2. In 1973 highway research board was set up to give direction to research activities.

  3. In 1978 National transport policy committee(NTPC) was established to prepare a comprehensive transport policy for the country for the next 10 years(decate).

  4. In 1981 ,a third 20 year road development plan was prepared in Lucknow with a target of 82km per 100 km2 area.

  5. In 1988 the NHAI act was passed.

  6. In 2000 PMGSY was formed by the government for village connectivity.

  7. Fourth 20 years plan should be introduced in 2001 but IRC prepared a vision of road development 2021 & 2025.