Development of Road


Development of Road

Road development took place in the following systematic order

  1. Roman Roads

  2. Tresaguet Roads

  3. Metcalf Roads

  4. Telford Roads

  5. Macadam Roads


    1. Earliest of the road development for military purposes.

    2. These were built straight regardless of gradients.

    3. The soft soil was excavated and removed upto extend hard strata.

    4. The total thickness of the const was in the range of 0.75m-1.25m.


    1. Main feature of this road is the deduction of overall thickness of the road.Subgrade was prepared and large layer of foundation stone are laid forming of kerb

    2. The space between the kerb is then filled with smaller stones.

    3. Cross slope of 1 is 45 over the surface is also provided.​​​​​​​