Design Procedure of Gravity Dams 

Design Procedure of Gravity Dams 

Design Methods

The various methods used for the design of concrete gravity dams are as follows:

  1. Stability analysis method

    1. Gravity method

    2. Trial load twist method

      1. Joints keyed but not grouted

      2. Joints keyed and grouted

    3. Experimental method

      1. Direct method

      2. Indirect method

    4. Slab analogy method

    5. Lattice analogy method

    6. Finite element method

  2. Zoned (multiple-step) method of determining profile of dam 

  3. Single step method 

Two procedures of design will be discussed in this course: multiple-step method and single-step method. 

Multiple step method of determining profile of gravity dam 

  • This method deals with designing the dam joint by joint (block by block) beginning at the top and making each joint confirm to all gravity dam design requirements. The procedure results in a dam with polygonal face that may be smoothened up for appearance with no appreciable change in stability or economy. The multiple-step method is almost always used for the final design of dams with a height that does not encroach greatly on Zone V.