Bucket Type Energy Dissipators

Bucket Type Energy Dissipators

Bucket type energy dissipators

  • This type of energy dissipators includes the following: 

    1. Solid roller bucket 

    2. Slotted roller bucket 

    3. Ski jump (Flip/Trajectory) bucket 

  • The shapes of the different types of bucket-type stilling basins have been given in section 4.8.14. Usually the hydraulic jump type stilling basins and the three types of bucket-type energy dissipators are commonly used in conjunction with spillways of major projects. The detailed designs of these are dealt in subsequent sections. 

  • Since energy dissipators are an integral part of a dam‟s spillway section, they have to  be viewed in conjuction with the latter. Two typical examples have been shown in Figures 45 and 46, though it must be remembered that any type of energy dissipator may go with any type of spillway, depending on the specific site conditions.