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Tareq Siddiqui

Masters of Engineering (Production)

Professor Mohd. Tareq Siddiqui has nine years of experience in the field of teaching with Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Subjects of his interest includes Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and IC Engines. In his view, being a teacher in the technical education, it is a need to ensure that students don't feel that their mentors are incapable of handling innovative methods of instruction. For this, he tries to integrate the older methods with the newer ones seamlessly depending upon the need of the particular subject or article, therefore he is also conversant with conducting webinars, powerpoint presentations with voice over, conduction online quizzes, etc. His teaching philosophy is to focus on building students’ problem analysis techniques. He feel that they should be able to develop a 360-degree approach towards problem solving, for achieving this goal, he strives to explain the technical concepts in such a way that the students can co-relate them with their everyday lives.

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