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Fluid Mechanics-Mumbai University-Mechanical Engineering-SEM IV

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  • Zafar Shaikh
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    The principle behind introducing this course is:-

    1. To understand fluid statics and fluid dynamics.

    2. To understand application of mass, momentum and energy equation in fluid flow.

    3. To learn various flow measurement techniques.

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About the Instructor

Zafar Shaikh

Instructor and teacher

Professor Zafar Shaikh is dedicated to share his deep knowledge in all the subjects related to Mechanical Engineering. As he has his diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and has earned his B.E in Automobile Engineering from Mumbai University following by his M.E in Mechanical Engg. And thus he is passionate about teaching all the core concepts related to Mech. He successfully accomplished projects on cooling tower & off-roader vehicle in his B.E. Further his M.E. projects includes case studies on Nano particles, Nano-technology & Microstructure. He will be responsible for the tangible concept clearing process when you will learn Drawing. Thus he has presented a set of interesting videos covering each subject in detail.