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Design Engineer, CFD Engineer, Graduate Engineer Trainee
Top skills you
will learn?
MS Excel, Catia, Solid Works, Hypermesh, ANSYS ICEM ,ANSYS Fluent, Space Claim, Python
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B.E. / B.Tech or Student of Civil, Mechanical, Production,Biotechnology, Aerospace Engineering
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Course Curriculum

Best-in-class content by leading faculties & industry leaders in form of Live Classes, Projects, Industry Case studies & Assignments.
Milestone 1

Mathematics for CFD

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Vectors
  • Tensor
  • Divergences, Gradient and Curl
  • PDE
Milestone 2

Introduction to CFD

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • What Is CFD
  • Application of CFD
  • Softwares in CFD
Milestone 3

Governing Equations

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Conservation of Mass
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Conservation of Energy
Milestone 4

Sketch in CAD

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Basic Sketching
  • Basic Constraints
  • Dimensioning
Milestone 5

Characterstic of Paritial Differential Equations

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Parabolic Equations
  • Hyperbolic Equations
  • Elliptical Equation
Milestone 6

Part Design in CAD

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Adding and Removing Material
  • Array and Group Selection
  • Transforming of CAD Part
  • Boolean Operation
  • Adding Features Like Fillets and Chamfers
Milestone 7

Materials and their Properties

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Dimensionless Numbers and Their Importance
  • Properties of Fluids
  • Comparision of Materials Via Datasheets
Milestone 8

Geometry Cleanup

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Geometry Cleanup and Preparation for CFD
Milestone 9

Basics of Discretization

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Forward Difference Method
  • Backward Difference Method
  • Central Difference Method
  • NS Equation and Modified Taylor Series
  • Pressure Correction Formulization
Milestone 10

Meshing in ANSYS ICEM/ANSYS Meshing

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • 2D Meshing
  • 3D Meshing
  • Quality Criteria
Milestone 11

Heat Transfer Theory

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • 1D, 2D, 3D Conduction
  • Free and Forced Convection
  • Radiation
  • Free and Forced Convection
Milestone 12

CFD Techniques

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Lax Wendroff and Maccormack Method
Milestone 13

Introduction to Turbulence

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Theory of Turbulence
  • Use of Equation Wrt Applications
  • Brief DNS, LES and 7 Equations
Milestone 14

Radiation Modeling

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Surface to Surface Modeling
  • Discrete Ordinate Modeling
  • Ray Tracing Modeling
Milestone 15

Boundary layer Theory

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Fundamental of Boundary Layer
  • Plate Boundary Layer
  • Thermal Boundary Layer
Milestone 16

Fundamental of Fans and Blowers

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Fans Laws
  • PQ Curves
  • Effect of Fans in Electronics Enclosures
Milestone 17

Interview Preparation

2 Assessment | Credit : 3
  • Spoken English Training
  • Aptitude Test & Soft Skills Training
  • Mock Interview Focused of Theory
  • Mock Interview Focused of Tool

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