Six Quick hacks to prepare for your engineering entrance exam

Engineering is the most preferred career course amongst the Indian students, and every year, around 1.5 to 2 million students pursue engineering in India. However, to take admission in top-notch engineering colleges, it’s essential you clear an entrance exam. An engineering entrance exam is needed to secure admission into engineering courses like B.Tech, M.Tech and dual degree programs. Students will try to get admission in premier IITs across India. Entrance exam held for such institutes are tough, and only a few can crack it. Just like millions of students, even Akshay was worried about how to plan for his entrance exam. If you’re too worried like Akshay, then here are six quick hacks to prepare for your entrance exams and clear it in the single attempt:

You need to execute a plan

Before preparing for the entrance exam, you should spend enough time to chop out a plan. Beyond this, you have to execute it well. Try and maintain a schedule, reserve time for tough topics, and of course a revision is a must. These elements should be the core part of any plan. You must devote a good amount of time for studies clubbed with enough refreshing breaks.

Refer a few books

Many people will tend to confuse you; however, you should pick those books that you will find convenient to study. Each book will have the same concept featured differently. Preparing with less amount of books will keep your mind clear and get time for revision. More revision at the last minute means but preparation for your entrance.

Prepare for long study hours.

Most of the entrance exams are timed for 3 hours. So, you should do enough practice to attempt the exams and also keep your mind fresh and active. Probably, attempting the last year paper will give you enough hands-on practice on how to face the exam for the set period. This way, the going gets easy for you.

Develop your learning skills.

You know yourself better than anyone else. You should try to prepare your shortcuts and learning patterns for quick revision of complex theorems, formulae, graphs, and other things. You should start implementing them in your mock tests and revisions. It will create an effortless path to attempt your engineering entrance exams.

Take rest and stay healthy.

Engineering entrance exams are time-consuming and often drench you. So, you must maintain good health and take enough rest to stay fresh until you attempt your exam. A healthy food, a good amount of sleep and regular exercise will be key to keep you mentally and physically fit. Try and visit to the natural environment such as beaches, gardens, or nearby hiking places to lighten your mood from the complex syllabus.

First attempt topics, you know.

Look for topics that you’re familiar with and you can save a lot of time. Leave difficult questions aside and solve what you can easily because every minute is precious in your entrance exam. The more time you get, better attempt you can make and score excellently in your exams. Even if you save around 8-10 minutes by following this way, it makes a significant impact on your scores.

Keep a tab on the engineering entrance exam schedule and adjust your practice accordingly to it. Hope these simple tips will help you stay calm and score great marks for entrance tests.