How to Reduce Stress and Increase Efficiency While Studying?

College education plays a critical role in a student's life. There are a lot of sweet and sour moments, making it a great learning curve for students.

What Causes Stress for Students?

Due to stiff competition, the educational requirements are quite demanding, and it requires a lot of juggling between studies and personal life. Some students have to juggle part-time job with university, and worry about practical assignments, lecture notes, and their engineering future. Trying to manage such a volatile life can lead to stress and anxiety for the students. This can lead to less productivity, more tiredness and leave them prone to various health issues, thereby making it difficult to take control of their studies.

What Happens When Students Are Stressed?

As a student, your every day is filled with worries - While trying to maintain the balance, you feel stressed and mentally sloshed. Relax! It might not seem like, but a stress-free life is possible for students. No! You don't have to rely on pills to beat out the stress - there are healthier options to increase efficiency and restore the balance of life.

Adopt these simple anti-stress tips in your daily routines to increase efficiency and make your college life blissful:

Tips To Reduce Stress And Increase Efficiency While Studying

Create A Good Study Environment

Online lectures help you to learn better and faster. You can choose your own time and place for your engineering studies. When you get bored with long hours of studies, you can listen to favourite music track as it will soothe your mind and heart. Another offbeat solution is - switch to aromatherapy and use essential oils that are excellent stress relievers. It will rejuvenate your senses and help you to learn better.

Follow A Healthy Diet:

A home-cooked meal is healthier compared to pizza or burgers because it will only bloat your stomach and cause physical stress. Artificial stimulants or energy pills will help to pull off an all-nighter; however, it will lead to an energy crash and weakness your immune system. It's like clipping the wires to a fire alarm when the house burns down. Drink juices that will give you vitamin C, such as oranges, it will improve your immune system and help you cope up with stress.

Take Enough Sleep

Spending too much time on social media sites, streaming videos, playing games like PUBG, texting friends, talking on the phone, etc. will leave you sleep-deprived, and you will have a harder time retaining and learning things. Eventually it affects your performance in focus areas. You should be well-rested if you need your brain to be calm and perform the best. Also, you can bring a power nap of 15-20 mins in practice; if you're overwhelmed with brainstorming in projects, assignments, it will increase productivity and concentration level.

Cut Smoke & Coffee Breaks

Let's be realistic and share the truth - Most of the college-goers are addicted to smoking habits, stating it helps them to relax during heavy study material. But doctors say nicotine suppresses the hormone serotonin, which fights against stress. This reason is good enough to re-think next time you lit a cigarette to drag a puff. Secondly, those individuals who rely entirely on coffee should realize that every person has a tolerance level to caffeine in their body. More consumption of caffeine means an increased level of stress and anxiety, failing to focus on your studies.

Get Emotional Support

Moving to a new city or hostel would be quite difficult and frustrating. Venting out all your frustration to the best friend or family member will help you in fighting stress and reduce tensions. Alternatively, you can seek help from a counsellor if you need it. Spending time with pets for a couple of minutes can also be a great idea, your body release hormones that will make you happy and decrease the stress level in your system

Exercise and Meditate

Regular exercise produces endorphins in your body that make you feel good. Join a sports club or a yoga session; it's a great way to ease your mind, relax muscles, and improve efficiency. Meditation is another way to spiritually detoxify your body and cope up with stress levels. Deep breathing will put you in a relaxed state and pushes oxygen into your bloodstream. It will calm you down and beat the stress. Meditation is worth a go!

Find Out Your learning style

Each student has its technique of learning and retaining things. It's important to know whether you're a visual or auditory learner - you can implement this in your study practices, and make notes that are easier to retain, especially while watching online lectures on smartphones or laptops. You can sit for a few minutes every day and visualize what you want to become in the future and then work towards accomplishing your dream.

Stay Organised

Being organized will help you to save time and utilize it for revisions and mock tests. Many of these habits will turn into productivity skills in your career ahead. Few quick hacks - master the art of making notes, use mind maps to visualize and summarise things, read topics loud, clear doubts, join group session, and develop time management skills.