Covid19 Panic: Simple Tips To Prepare Yourself For Exams

Corona Virus has brought life to a near standstill in almost every part of the globe. As covid 19 spreads like wildfire, many countries are locking down to take preventive measures against the dreadful disease. But amidst the pandemic panic, many unanswered questions make parents feel vulnerable or fearful. How to keep children healthy? Are they at risk? How will they prepare for engineering exams? Where to find the syllabus and course materials? There is anxiety at the moment, a kind of joint stress amongst the students and their families. And the catch-22; the more you take stress, the more vulnerable you become to corona, as it weakens your immune system.

Uncertainty Fuels Anxiety

Firstly, as a parent, you need to relax and don't give any peer pressure to your children. Instead, support them and create an environment where they can comfortably learn engineering and prepare for exams.

Today, millions of students who are lockdown at homes are moving towards online lectures to prepare for their engineering exams. Infact, lockdown can be a perfect opportunity to improve your productivity, study advanced topics for upcoming exams and boost your morale. With the right knowledge, you can prepare yourself for exams during covid19 lockdown.

Few simple tips to regain your calm:

Prioritize Exercise, Sleep & Eat Healthily

Daily exercise is a great stress buster and helps to boost your immunity. Secondly, an individual who takes sufficient sleep won't develop cold or anxiety; which again is an important step towards healthy living. Lastly, keep your diet rich with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other nutrient-rich foods to reduce depression. Sugary foods will inflate your body and reduce immunity.

Wash Your Hands & Social Distancing

Covid19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets that often land on surfaces like doors handle, elevator buttons, vehicles and other places. So, if you touch a surface, you are likely to get infected. Wash hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer to kill viruses and secondly, maintain a social distancing of atleast 1 meter from people around you who sneeze and cough.

E-Learning Will Make You Winner

Online lectures can make learning easy and customisable for engineering students. You don't have to sit and attend boring classes during an unpleasant time of day. Just purchase your favourite video lectures and watch them at your leisure. Learn engineering at your pace that's right for you.

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Reach Out Experts Online

Whether you're stuck with complex mechanical theory or maths equation, you cannot wait until the things get normal. Live lectures and web-chat from expert faculties can help you clear your doubts. Communicating with expert professors can facilitate grounds for better learning and perspective towards problems. The faculties at Ekeeda conduct live lectures on YouTube and are available for doubt solving on multiple topics and subjects. Isn't it exciting? Sign up today!

Don't Get Panic

We understand the situation is grave; however, don't press a panic button. Fear and anxiety can jeopardize your health. Don't believe in fake news; rather push yourselves for healthy eating, good sleep, exercise, social distancing and effective time management for studies. Online lectures will come to your rescue during Covid19 lockdown.

Get Set and Go Corona!