Are you done with your engineering studies?
What Next! Here are some exciting career options.

Engineering is one of the most preferred choices of educational disciplines by young aspirants across India. The country produces around 2 million certified engineers every year; however, engineering as a career is under the scanner. Due to stiff competition, companies usually hire engineers and ask them to slog for several hours with loathsome salary packages. Engineers have to put in a lot of hard work and stay mentally frustrated with the situation. Relax! In case you’re uncomfortable working for long hours, there are exciting career avenues open for you:

Here are six exciting career options to choose from:

Data Engineers

If a ‘back-end’ job fascinates you, then it’s an ideal job for you. As a data engineer, you will develop data sets, improve data resources continuously. Data should be reliable and flow smoothly. The information has to be correct as the entire firm will refer to your filtered data resource. By using different data filter tools, you can process a large amount of data and make it available at the right time. It saves a lot of time and efforts of your firm. The job needs a good temperament and skills for data segregation.

Sales & Technical Consultants

Being a technical consultant can be a great option, especially for the ones who can analyze data and have strong statistical skills. But you will have to understand the business model and get aware of different projects in the organization. In case, you’re pitching for sales; you need to have excellent communication skills because you will have to talk to business clients and CXOs of different firms. How well you can explain the business model, its strategy and benefits will play the critical role.


It’s never too late to start with your own business. Whether big or small enterprise, you will be your own boss and decide your working hours. Engineers are creators and designers. An idea which takes birth in your mind can be implemented in real life and turned into successful entrepreneurship. If you have a will to establish your own firm, you should trust your instincts and give a try. Best minds are meant to explore new roads that can lead to success. Sadly, very few engineers consider this ‘road to success’ after studies.

Research & Development

R &D vertical is getting popular amongst engineer nowadays. Most of the leading multinational companies have introduced the R & D departments. They look for young engineering professionals with excellent records and willing to work for research and development segment. R & D is one of the most trending job opportunity in the engineering field.

Product or Service Inspector

Under this job profile, you will have to inspect or test certain products or service for companies. Your engineering knowledge proves vital for it. Engineered products or services have to meet the quality and standards expected by the buyers. As a product or service inspector, you should see if the quality is adhered and meets the satisfaction level. Sometimes you can determine the package costs of the product or service.

Machine Mechanics

One of the burgeoning field, mechanical or electrical engineers have a great career opportunity. They can easily shape up their career in machine mechanics or build an added skill set. To be a successful learner, you should have command over the coding language, applied physics, and mathematics, probability, and statistics.