A career in both the mechanical and civil engineering allows the students build a better future for them and as well as for the world. There is a huge demand for the mechanical engineer in the abroad as compared to India. According to a report, in the UK alone, there will be almost 1.86 million new job opening for the civil and mechanical engineer by the year 2020.

Civil Engineering Is the Ultimate Field of Challenge And Creativity

Engineers need to display incredible creativity with the challenges of modern life. There is a more complexity involved in a problem and is the creativity. The design of the amazing building is also the creative work of a civil engineer who uses their creativity to build the building with the modern architecture.
Yes, of course, there are also some of the inputs from the designers, scientist and the business people in such a vast projects.

Great Rewards And Opportunities

One of the main reasons for the students to choose civil and mechanical engineering is the highest paid salary. As, both the civil and mechanical engineers are the highest paid professionals in the world. There is always a high demand for the mechanical engineers, abroad. Civil engineering working in multinational companies will often travel overseas for the conferences.

Civil engineers get the use of cool tools and gadgets

Civil engineers toolkit consist of tools and equipment which the general public has never even heard of. Many of the students choose civil engineering as they are curious to use new tools and equipment.

Mechanical engineers build the latest tech automobiles

As most of the students are more into automobile sector of cars, bikes, etc. mechanical engineers are the one who manufactures the car, bikes. This fascinates the students to choose mechanical engineering. So, these are some of the reasons for the students in choosing the civil and mechanical engineering.