Exams are just going to come, and it’s the time when you need to maintain your time to study hard and get good grades. To help you with this, here are the top ten lists of tips and tricks for staying on track:

  • Make a timetable and merely stick to it. It is not mainly possible to plan for every minute around studying for the exams, but try your best.
  • Always make a “to-do” list before the night or in the morning. This will helps you in keep your mind focused on the task which is most important.
  • Set a deadline for yourself. This will surely help you to keep the track on the long-term basis.
  • Make sure to save a lot a time for the things like shopping, eating, or any other extra stuff. And the things which are not necessary can be avoided because it’s the exam time.
  • Take proper sleep. Lack of sleep is a serious cause of stress in exams. If you think that you will achieve more when you sleep less, but things are always not that simple.
  • Always leave some time for relaxation otherwise your brain won’t be able to retain any of the stuff of your learning.
  • Use a watch timer to keep track on the time with each task of study. Likewise if you can read 20 pages in an hour, allow one hour to it, otherwise you may find yourself still staring at the book two hours later because you drifted off.
  • Practice writing quickly. Before the exams always try to solve the model question papers of the exams as it helps to know about the patter of paper which is going to come in exam and also helps to write quickly in exam.
  • Focus on what you have to study and not what you don’t have to. It is easy to study for the exams which you like. Exploring the concept in which you are already confident in is less challenging than studying the concepts which you find the most difficult, as the brain will have to work less to learn this sort of information.
  • Always try to make a study system. A study system is a simple list of steps that you can make while studying. This list must start with the 4-5 things, but over time it becomes more complex as you add more steps to it.

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