The world is always in need of engineers because they are the only people who make the things happen and make sure they keep on going. Mechanical, electrical, environment or automotive engineering plays a significant role in innovative solutions that will make our lives more comfortable and much more

Electrical Engineering mixes with embedded technology and Mechanical Engineering

The primary responsibility of electrical engineers is to find the practical and innovative solutions for designing and building wireless networks, advance nanotechnology and biochips. Moreover, since equipment and machinery are both the electrical from space satellites to computers, and can efficiently
manage the duties of a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering mixes well with Aerospace, Automotive, Marine or Transportation Engineering

Mechanical engineering applies the principle of physics in design, manufacturing, and analysis of the mechanical system. One of the main duties of mechanical engineers is just to design, create and test the equipment that is meant to move.
They also use the principle of heat, force; law’s of energy and mass to design the aircrafts, industrial equipment and machinery. That makes them potential candidates for careers in Marine, transportation engineering and automotive industries.

Environmental Engineering works excellent with Chemical Engineering

The work of a chemical engineer is to develop alternative energy resources and build the sustainable ecosystems to combat the global warming and making the place to live in. Chemical engineers play a significant role in the contribution of a sustainable environment. Using their principles and knowledge, they convert the pollutants into harmless materials and find different ways of making the soil fertile and also to design clean alternative fuels.

Civil Engineering goes hand-in- hand with Energy, Transport and Water Engineering

Civil engineers are mainly responsible for managing and designing construction projects for building bridges, roads, railways, etc. which considering the factors of natural disasters such as earthquake,
tsunami, etc. some of the main functions of civil engineers are:
• Work with the transportation engineers to design the infrastructure like railways, airports, etc
• To work with power engineers to develop, test and power plants.
• To work with water engineers to create networks of water to provide clean water to people.

Biomedical Engineering uses Chemical Engineering expertise

They are responsible for finding new treatments for diseases and to maintain and improve the health of human beings. They can figure out how medical equipment can react to the human body, can research new medicine, or design revolutionary materials to help in dentistry.