We are highlighting the courses which are available on Ekeeda, that you can take as your first steps towards learning and explore STEM skills that are science, technology, engineering, and math.

Engineering uses math, science, technology to solve the problems of the real world. It is a major field for the job seekers who can expect to find some engineering position almost every type of industry.

There are mainly four branches of engineering-

Civil: It involves the manufacturing and development of infrastructures such as railway, construction of roads, bridges, building and general construction project management.

Electrical: It involves the study of wind, natural gas, solar, etc., and developing technologies to assist with some of the practical applications of such type of energies.

Chemical: It involves the application of chemical, biological and physical sciences to the process of converting raw materials into more valuable or useful forms.

Mechanical: It involves the design of mechanical systems in the process of manufacturing, nanotechnology, heating, and cooling, aeronautics.

Moreover, many of the numerous fields of engineering skills are on the high rises such as agriculture, biomedicine, aerospace, and software development. With the wide range of higher career prospects, by looking to the personal interest helps to determine which type of engineering is right for your career.

So, here are the five courses which you can take to start your career in engineering: