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Best Python Developer Jobs In India For You

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language that is extensively used for a wide variety of applications. Python is used in web development, data science, automation, and many other fields. From Instagram – the world’s largest app for photo frenzy people to the software that controls self-driving cars & machines all use Python for varied purposes. Now you may wonder what can you do with Python? How to shape up your career? How to find suitable Python jobs available in the market?  What will be the Python programmer salary? And a lot more questions might pop up in your mind. Relax! No need to panic we are here to help you.
Firstly, let's understand you learn & practice Python to improve your daily work activities or find a suitable job for career enhancement. Today, learning Python has become the mainstream activity. There are hundreds of successful tech companies that use Python, such as Instagram, IBM, Pixar, JP Morgan, Spotify, NASA, Lyft, Google, and Spotify. However, other than this Python is used in varied industries such as media, Information technology, banking and finance companies, research and development, and more. You can find the best Python programming jobs in several sectors, industries, and dream companies.
Python presents a number of paths to find excellent work opportunities. While some of those potential Python jobs are obvious such as being a Python developer – there are other exciting Python programming jobs.  In this blog, we will propose a few of the Python jobs you can consider when you have learned and mastered the Python language.
Today, Python has become one of the easiest and best programming languages to learn if you want to advance your career. Most of the market research will show that there is rising demand for people who know the Python language. So, if you spend your time, efforts learning it then you won't run out of jobs in the market.
Well! The job depends on what suits you best and what you wish to do in your career ahead. Maybe you create applications or you just love data processing and analysis. Either way, you choose, you should possess the right skills and safely use Python.
So, here are important Python jobs for aspirants with right Python skills and knowledge:

Python Developer
Being a Python Developer is one of the obvious opportunities out there for ones who have mastered the Python programming language:  As a Python developer, you will create apps in which you have to write codes. If you choose this career path, you will solve problems from the root level for your company and its clients with the help of the Python language. You will build or modify software that will make the work easier and more efficient for others. Based on the knowledge, your position will be termed as Python programmer, mobile app developer, web developer, and more. In every case, you will use Python. A Python developer should also be responsible for other tasks regarding software application development. For instance, you should be responsible for product documentation and other tasks under the process. You will be a part of the development team. Over time, you will gain experience, and get an opportunity to work more independently. The average entry-level Python Developer Jobs Salary in India will be INR 4,50,000 per annum. The mid-level Python Developer Salary will be INR 9,00,000 and experience level candidates can earn up to INR 11,00,000.
Usually, Python Developer is expected to:

  • Build user-friendly websites

  • Optimize data algorithms

  • Solve data analytics problems

  • Implement security and data protection

  • Write reusable, testable, and efficient code

A wide array of companies are in search of Python developers and willing to offer the best python programmer salary package in the industry. Learn Python and shape up your future by getting hired as a Python developer in start-ups like Lyft or bigger organizations like IBM, Google, Netflix, and more.
Data Analyst
Today, data is the crux of running your business. Nearly every company collects data; however, not all of them know to make the potential use of it. Data analytics can help get an edge over the competition and allow it make better strategic decisions. Python is regarded as one of the top programing language when applied to machine learning.
As a data analyst, you will be responsible for compiling reports and conclusions from the metrics gathered in the databases. Although it sounds very boring thing, actually it's a very interesting job to collect information and has increasingly become a popular activity. It was once all about staring at the charts; however, today, analysts are extremely important element of the firm.
In addition to analytical skills and Python coding, you need to have excellent presentation skills that will impress and assure delivering results to the clients. The reports have to be presented to the management of the organization.
Many companies are looking for candidates who can manage large sets of data — and a popular way to accomplish that is to use Python libraries such as SciPy and Pandas. Thus no surprise big companies like Bloomberg, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Cape Gemini, Genpact land more are looking for Data Analysts with Python experience.  The average salary for data analysts will be INR 450000 per annum, mid-level will be INR 700000 and experienced level will be INR 8,00,000.

Data Scientist
Data analysts will produce metrics and reports; however, Data scientists will work more broadly and more deeply into the data. As data scientists, you will create predictive and classification models. You will forecast trends that will impact the company’s development in the near future. By using your three-dimensional knowledge about data analysis, statistics, and model building you will show various scenarios in the business and lay down impactful strategies. Data scientists are responsible for conducting A/B testing and analyzing the results of implemented solutions.
Many large companies are on the hunt for skilled data scientists, and their services are in great demand, thus, it’s obvious you will get good salaries. Be careful – you will need to know a lot and need to continually learn to stay updated in this rapidly changing profession. You to build your own powerful skill set. It is a very interesting job that will guarantee job stability for quite a while in the forthcoming years or maybe decades. There is an immense shortage of expert data scientists in the market.
For instance - when you use Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch movies and TV series, you will find that these platforms make recommendations on specific productions that you may like. How do they recommend and give you exactly what you prefer watching? Well! They are based on algorithms that will use collected about you.
These are models that will suggest platforms to display ads as per your likes and dislikes. Someone has to develop and manage it. Data scientists will have to work on various algorithms and come up with the best possible solutions for the audience. A good data scientist should have an excellent work portfolio and skillsets. Some skillsets required for Data Scientists include: Algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and machine learning knowledge are all important. R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive are some examples of programming languages that are required to be known by a Data Scientist. And lastly, communication skills in order to properly communicate the results to the rest of the team. The average salary of Data Scientists will be INR 8,00,000 to 10,00,000 per annum.

Data Engineer
Data scientists develop algorithms and try to figure out what’s best for the audience. However, where does this data come from? Well! The data which needs to be collected and processed will be the job done by data engineers who will come to their rescue. Yes! It’s the data engineer’s task to create an appropriate structure for data acquisition, storage, and data processing. The large data coming from everywhere has to be gathered in various formats that could be later be analyzed. Data engineers create data pipelines and flowcharts, and make sure that the processing of big amounts of information will be done accurately and as efficiently as possible.
Organizations have a huge set of data to store, process, and analyze. Data engineers are the experts who will help ease down the process, fill up the gaps between pipelines to gather & store valuable data. This data is further analysed and interpreted as per process requirements and needs.
Data engineers and data scientists can cooperate from beyond providing input data for analysis. A data engineer will help you implement the models designed by data scientists. As a data engineer, you will be responsible to deploy data science products, AI, and machine learning models in the production environment.
Data engineers' work will not only benefit data scientists but also data analysts and business analysts who will compile the insights, and use the data processed by data engineers to guide on the appropriate actions on a daily basis.
To become a data engineer, you can learn Python language. With tools like Apache Spark, SQL, and scripting language like BASH you can grow your skillsets. By acquiring these advanced skills, you will be assured of a good salary package. The average salary for Data engineers as a fresher will be ₹460000 mid-level - ₹800,000 to ₹900,000 and experienced level - ₹10,00, 000 to ₹12,00,000.

Other Python Developer Jobs Profiles
Freelancing is a wide category. Since Python programming is not restricted to a particular industry or working for just one typical organization, many Python developers prefer to earn money by taking up remote projects from various clients – national and international.
There are hundreds of websites and companies that will offer you job opportunities on a per-project basis. You have to create a good profile and display it to job portals such as UPWORK.com, FREELANCER.com, INDEED.com, and more. Make sure to prepare a good portfolio with experience on hands-on projects, internships with reputed companies – this will speak for you in front of potential clients. Once the clients review your projects they will judge whether to offer you the project or not.

Python Educators
Not everyone is here for coding, designing algorithms, etc. some great minds have to teach Python, right? And not everyone learns through Ekeeda! So, being a faculty is one great option. Nearly every university or institutes, and coding boot camps, various online coding tutorial platforms, are in need for brilliant and dynamic minds who would love to take Python teaching as a profession. Guess what? The salary is just stunning. For entry-level it will be INR 3,00,000, mid-level will be INR 5,00,000 to INR 7,00,000 and experienced level will be INR 10,00,000.
Financial Advisor
One out-of-the-box and interesting job field candidate especially from a commerce background would love to pick up is ‘Financial Advisor’. Yes! Many finance companies and banks are on the hunt for experienced bank analysts with sound knowledge of Python. The hope is that if you know how to program computer code, analyze the financial elements with data-driven, set algorithms produce metrics and reports; then it will help you grab a good job. Also, Data scientists with Python will work more broadly & more deeply into the data, help cut costs and increase bank or finance companies’ revenue. These days Top MBA business schools like NMIMS, IIMs around the nation have also responded to teaching Python to their MBA graduates. Thousands of financial students are eager to learn this simple and easy-to-understand Python programming language and secure jobs in banks and finance companies.
Product Managers
As a product manager, you will be responsible to research new users' features, identify the gaps in the market, and debate on why certain products should be introduced for the audience. Data plays a huge role in this work of managers, and thus many companies are now seeking efficient and dynamic product managers who have good knowledge of Python programming. If you’re looking for a job wherein you love talking with users and crunching data, then become a product manager with top MNCs and established organizations across India. Rooter, Cargo Flash, TSPL, Klaxon India, JP Morgan are few of the top companies who are hire Product Managers with excellent Python skills. Go Grab It!
Data Journalist
It’s a specialty or major pursued within journalism that will use data to narrate various case studies and success stories to the audience. A journalist who knows Python is highly in demand because of their ability to sort complex information and project in layman’s terms. If you’re a solid content writer for Bootcamp, then this would be an ideal job role for you.
These were a few of the hot jobs offered by various industries for the Python Programming language. To get good python jobs and advance your career, definitely you will need to pursue Python course from a reputed institute or platform. Thanks to Google you can now find hundreds of options at the click of the button. However, not everyone is trustworthy. It's better to do some research, check the review/ratings, talk to your colleagues or friends, and then enroll with a particular online platform or professional coaching centers.
Ekeeda is one of the fastest-growing tech education platforms for live, interactive courses in technology and business verticals. Python online courses are taught by top educators over here. Ekeeda has a highly efficient delivery model of instructor-led live online classes with access to study notes, and doubt sessions. The course content has a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). The platform keeps its course up-to-date with industry requirements and is designed to upskill students and professionals. Ekeeda’s Python online courses will help the professional to gain the cutting-edge skills and knowledge required to build a career in the analytics and data processing industry.
Hope you now have an idea on what can you do with Python and the hottest Python programming jobs available in the market.
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