18 Nov 2021

Why Is Data Science A Good Career Option

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Why Data Science Is A Good Career Option?

Data Science is one of the most promising career options in the global market. The demand is high, salaries are competitive and the perks are numerous which is why it's declared as one of the hottest jobs by LinkedIN. Way Back in 2009, Google Chief Economist - Hal Varian told the Mckinsey Quarterly that "The Coolest job in the coming decade will be of statisticians." And after nearly ten years, we are surrounded by quintillion bytes of data every day and much of that data is just waiting to be streamlined, and tap its true potential. According to the researchers, "Companies who used data-driven decision making were 5-10% more productive and profitable than their competitors. And it would best justify the role of "Data Scientists" in any organization, process, or industry. 
Is Data Science In Demand?
Yes, today data science jobs are some of the fastest-growing and most in-demand technologies across the globe. Data scientists' role has been increased by leaps & bounds and the rise shows no sign of stopping in near future. The demand for data science skills will increase by another 25-30% percent by 2026. As per Mckinsey, there is a strong need of people with analytical skills worldwide wide which could be in millions and analysts will be required to understand how data analysis, data mining, data handling will drive the companies decision-making and turn the tables for them.  As far as salaries are concerned, data scientists' salaries have seen an upsurge and you can typically expect to make at least six figures. However, the demand translates into your ability to relocate from city to city or may internationally. Our blog gives you detailed information on why is data science in demand and a good career option: 
As we see, Data scientists' jobs are on the rise and today data-driven decision-making has been the mainstream form of business activity. Any business big or small will try to find people who will extract data and comprehend it. Many data scientists with varying skillsets and knowledge bases in applied mathematics, statistics, modelling, market insights, and analytics are termed as hottest jobs. These peculiar qualities let them detect trends that can assist in consumer recognition. Data technology has made a sizeable influence in nearly all sectors, processes, and industries. Thus, Big Data Analytics has gained all the limelight in the recent years.

Data Science Scope In Future
Data science is changing rapidly due to the rising demand for vast and untapped potential data worldwide. Data scientists have a range of expertise sets that companies can rely on to make smart choices about data and knowledge. Thus, to develop a streamlined and dedicated approach you need qualified and brilliant data scientists. The area is producing many new innovations like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and Serverless Computing, along with other disciplines like Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Digital Twins. Although, it seems to be the coolest job; however, being a data scientist will be more complicated than it has ever been before. Data scientists are in high demand and the growing brains of data scientists will make the competition even more fierce and fast!
Data scientists are in huge demand in the e-commerce industries; however, they aren't the only ones on the lookout for Data scientists; even start-ups make efficient use of them as per their interests. Data science aids in providing companies with a better understanding of competition and gives an efficient customer experience. Data scientists have an intense interest in gathering data, purifying, organising and presenting data as profitable stats. If you want to be a Data scientist, you need to put in long hours, hard work and effort. Several websites claim that aspirants need to have extensive software creation expertise, database query languages, computer learning, mathematics, and data visualization. Although, everything is not required together some amount of knowledge is needed to be an expert in the field. "Data scientist" is an umbrella term that refers to a wide variety of co-employees with distinctive sets of expertise in similar models and philosophies.
Picking up a data science career depends on keen interest and respect for the various data science disciplines. The diversity of skills proves, being a data scientist is a crucial asset and long-term learning needs to be done if you need to be competent.  Top apps and educational platforms provide data science certification online. Google it, check review ratings and sign up with the best today!

How Will Experts Help You Learn Data Science? 
To be a pro in Data Science, you need to have excellent knowledge of NoSQL, Hado, and technical Python and Python. The growing pace of the industry & the processes need faster analysis and demand an individual to know more about data science. Also, it is possible to use technical knowledge to live in this static analysis matrix rather than manual processes. For a lot of time, Python and R have made the transition from being a way of analysis to being the preferred language and made it possible to automate things. 
So, what’s holding you back from learning data science skills? Did you invest your lot of time in clearing the basics? Why not learn a bit of advanced tools to see your abilities?
Ekeeda Data Science online courses will offer candidates the ability to continue learning new skills, resources, and techniques while making sure they are up to date on projects/assignments. 
Today, Data technology has a made a significant influence in various sectors applications, with most being in the healthcare, IT, banking and finance, and scientific fields. Big data analytics has grown to be a strategic & prime focus for data organizing in all companies.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Making A Data Science Career:
Rising Demand
Many still wonder, is data science a good career? But, the data analytics industry projects to triple its size across the globe. This proves the scarcity of skilled individuals to meet the rising demand. Data science is changing rapidly due to the rising demand for vast and untapped potential data worldwide. Data scientists have a range of expertise sets that companies can rely on to make smart choices about data and knowledge. Thus, to develop a streamlined and dedicated approach you need qualified and brilliant data scientists.
Career Growth and Salaries
Yes! The demand is high and so are the salaries competitive and the perks are numerous which is why it's declared one of the hottest jobs by LinkedIN. Data scientist salaries have also seen an upsurge and you can typically expect to make at least six figures. However, the demand translates into your ability to relocate from city to city or may internationally.
Several Options
You have the freedom to work in any location or any segment across the country or globe. If you have the right technical skills, it won’t be difficult to find a job. The most typical use for data scientists in these different industries apart from business research would be healthcare, real estate, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, fields of sales & marketing, & public relation. Since these are amongst the sectors that employ brilliant data scientists. Data scientists may also be employed by the government or non-profit sector.
Experience Factor
At the current stage, companies are unable to locate an all-round data scientist since the vertical is quite extensive, thus they are open for various types of data scientists career paths. Business data scientists population estimates to made up of 35-40% of people with less than 5 years of experience and 60-65% with more than a decade’s experience under their belt. 
Lack of Competition 
It’s relatively a younger field, which means there is untapped potential for data scientists. Entry-level & expert-level data scientists will have the much-needed experience. Thus, there are fantastic opportunities for those interested in career advancement in the data science sector. There is a scarcity of skilled data scientists which means it's a great opportunity for you, provided you have learned the right skills and techniques. 
Online Training Option
There are different training options and you don’t have to stay occupied at one particular place. Top educational platforms like Ekeeda offer Data science courses online which are self-paced, flexible, and have interactive content that will help you acquire the skills and move up the career ladder. All you need is a smartphone and swift internet connection and you can learn data science at the comfort of your home. Watch videos & learn any topic, anywhere!
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Looking To Switch Careers? Here Are Some Quick Tips
Before you begin your job hunt, understand and jot down the kind of job you dream of. Why data science is your preferred choice Secondly, data science is very vast and confusing; since there is no widely agreed concept of “data scientist” or “data analyst” because every job in a company with this title has a different skill set. Therefore, the data science career path you choose will be based completely on your interests, skills, and the company or process you would love to join. 
The Three Most Popular Data Scientist Career Paths Include:

Data Analyst
It is termed an entry-level job and data analysts usually collect, clean, and interpret data sets in order to answer a question or solve problems. They work in many industries including business, finance, science, medicine, and government areas. They bring technical expertise to the process to ensure quality and data accuracy, then process, design, and present it in ways that will help people, or businesses, and organizations to make better decisions.
As a Data Analyst, you will take responsibility to manage the master data sets, developing reports and troubleshoot data issues. To do well in this role, you will need a very fine eye for detail, experience as a data analyst, and a deeper understanding of various data analysis tools and databases.

Data Scientists
Data scientists work closely with business stakeholders to understand their marketing goals and determine how data can be used to achieve those goals. They design data modelling processes, create algorithms, and predictive models to extract the data the business needs. They also help to analyze the data and share insights with peers. Data Scientists typically work in teams to mine big data for information that could be used to predict customer behaviour & identify new sales opportunities. In many firms, data scientists are responsible to settle best practices to collect data, use analysis tools and interpret data. The demand for data science skills has grown significantly over the years, as companies look to use this potential big data, the voluminous amounts of structure & unstructured data that large enterprises or IoT (Internet Of Things) produce and collect.
Data Engineers
Data engineers are responsible to build and maintain an organization's entire data ecosystem. They assess a wide range of requirements and apply relevant database techniques to create robust architecture. Later, Data engineers will begin to implement the process and develop the database from scratch. After regular periodic intervals, they carry tests to identify any bugs or performance issues. A data engineer is responsible for maintaining the database and ensuring that it works smoothly without causing any disruption. When a database stop working or pauses, it brings a halt to the IT infrastructure. The expertise of a data engineer will be required to manage large-scale processing systems where performance and scalability issues will need to continue. Data engineers will also support the data science team by building dataset procedures. It will help you with data mining, modelling, and production. In this way, their participation proves important to improve the data quality.
Pros & Cons Of Data Science As A Career Option
Every job has its pros and cons and data science is no different from it.  Definitely, it has its own plus & minus and individuals need to know them well before they choose the data scientists career path.
Pros Of Data Science Career Path
Growing Demand - The more people need data science, the greater would be the demand for the professional. There are several doors open to individuals who are looking for new career avenues. Experts predict there will be 11-12 million positions to be filled by 2026, so it's termed as the fastest-growing career path. It's a highly viable career choice for young aspirants. It's in-demand, it fast and it’s a must for organizations today!
Excellent Salary Package - Data science is one of the best-paying careers option and candidates with sound knowledge can earn salaries in six figures. Thus, it makes Data Science an attractive and hot job field for aspirants. All you need is the right guidance and mentorship to avail the best jobs in the industry. Enroll in the data science course online with Ekeeda today! 
Job Versatility - A data scientist can build anything right from scratch through sheer knowledge & practice. Data science has many different uses. It is found in a variety of health care, finance & banking, real estate, construction management, power and energy sector, e-commerce, etc. Data science is extremely broad and this gives you a lot of opportunities to learn about various occupations.
Valuable Asset For Firms - Data scientists help companies make data-driven and better choices. Companies place an increased value on Data Scientists and use this to better serve their clients. It offers Data scientists a significant position and role in their company.
Create Valuable Data - Most businesses demand that their data scientists be able to interpret and analyze data. They are not only in charge of data collection but also enhancing its efficiency. This explains Data science's aims; therefore, Data science manages to enrich the data and make it better for the business.
Better Productivity - Data Science has allowed companies to produce improved goods based on the client's needs and requirements. An excellent example will be websites especially e-commerce like Myntra, Amazon, & Flipkart that use various kinds of recommendations and display the products. Data science has brought machines to the point that they can comprehend human actions and use data to make decisions.
Influential Personality -  A career in data science will provide you with multiple opportunities for personality development. Your ability to solve problems and critical thinking would be one of your strong suits. Many Data science positions tend to create strong personality suits through experience, and knowledge sharing.

Cons of Data science Career path
It's Confusing - Looking at the broadly defined and vast field, it’s quite confusing and requires a lot of practice, persistence to gain accuracy. A data scientist's position depends on the type of organization, process, and industry. Although some have called it a simple 2.0 version of Statistics, some may have also identified it as the fourth paradigm of science.
Complex domain awareness - It needs a certain level of domain knowledge. Any experience in statistics and computer science is required to solve a data problem. For instance, an employee with knowledge of Quantity surveying & Primavera P6 would be needed to create a database of the civil field. It helps data scientists to make an informed decision for benefit of the firm or client. For a data scientist, it is difficult to shift between jobs, particularly from one sector to another.
Data Privacy Issues - For many businesses or companies, data is their primary fodder. Companies hiring data scientists will help them make data-driven decisions. The details in the process may also infringe the client's privacy. Clients' data can leak and will be accessible to anyone anytime. The problem of data protection is a major point of anxiety for companies. So, data privacy seems a major problem that keeps data scientists tensed and reluctant. 
Hope you now have a clear idea on Is Data Science a good career option or not. And this blog will help you make a balanced decision and secure your future.
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