11 Nov 2021

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Role Of Technology In The GATE Exam Preparation 2022

Technology plays a pivotal role in our lives and it has immensely contributed to several verticals like banking and finance, health care, power and energy, etc. One of the most important verticals is the education sector, wherein you now get access best of the study material from top faculty at the click of the button. Through pre-recorded videos, PDF notes, and live lectures, discussion forums you can ace any subject or topic from anywhere. 
But as they say, ‘Every side has pros and cons even technology has it’. Today, a lot of stuff is floating around in the online market and we are still not clear about its role when it comes to the preparation of competitive exams like GATE. It’s said, ‘A new invention or advancement will be worth it if it is helpful for the people.’ And the same thing implies for technology. Through our blog, we will first understand the advantages and then go ahead and highlight few cons of the technology.
Technology has literally taken over all the existing fields like shopping, flight bookings, entertainment, marketing, ordering food, etc. Although, at present, there can’t be complete inclination or switch to digital medium; however, while preparing for competitive exams you can find out some great ways to study smart using the advancements in information technology. For instance, the use of technology in the education field has helped millions of individuals prepare for GATE right at the comfort of their home or favourite study corners. 
Here are some smart study tips and how to utilize technology in the most effective way for online GATE exam preparation. 

Build GATE Exam Preparation Strategy
In order to prepare effectively for the GATE exam, you will need to make the most of the technology. Before you begin your preparation for the GATE exam or even while preparing, if at any point of time you have doubt, you can use YouTube, Google videos, and various other platforms like live lectures from Ekeeda to clear your doubts then and there. You can search how toppers used to create their study plan and how they utilize their time for studies. You can use platforms like Quora, WikiAnswers, Yahoo! Answers where millions of candidates are connected to share their experience and tell you how they used to study, where did they lose time on and how did they rectify it. After you are done with the preparation strategy, you can use technology to learn anytime, anywhere through videos, PDF notes, and more. 
Increases Your Learning Efficiency
Technology can work wonders if you use it in a proper fashion else it may turn out to be a disaster if you take it for granted. For instance, thanks to smartphones wherein you can get access to hundreds of educational apps that offer GATE online videos, PDF notes, test series, and more to prepare for it. You may even download the videos or create digital copies of your short notes. Whether you travel by train or visit a beachside, you can utilize use your time and clear your concepts and move ahead in your GATE preparation. However, if you take it for granted then you will only scroll down in stupid gossips, debates, fun videos, pictures and waste your valuable time in online GATE exam preparation.
Study Groups & Discussion Forums
Through technological advancement, you can create small study groups or join discussion forums on Whats App, Facebook, Telegram to discuss any doubts with your peer those who are like-minded and serious to clear the GATE examination. You may even share solutions and help others to prepare for GATE and in return get enough practice on topics that are difficult or complex to learn. It helps you to learn things that you could not do yourself and discuss with peers and experts to gain solution and move up the preparation ladder. Discussions will boost your thought process, and you may get relatively easy and shorter solutions to problems that may irk you.
Follow Exam Updates
You make smart use of technology for the GATE preparation. No one has time to regularly check to visit the centers, or colleges to get complete updates on the exam. However, through tech educational apps like Ekeeda blogs and notifications, you can stay tuned with the GATE exam updates like application form, registration process, syllabus, GATE2022 exam pattern, new subjects, fees, GATE2021cut-off, and much more. You can visit the official website or YouTube channel of Ekeeda to get all the latest updates and even job vacancies through the GATE exam, and top PSUs or government sector jobs, walk-in interviews, project associates, and more. Apply for them in time without having to visit the firms, or railway stations, banks, etc. to find out the new vacancies.
[ Visit our blog to know how you can apply for GATE Online Registartion for 2022 & Get exam details about Exam Dates, Registration Fees].

Get Enough Practice
Once you’ve learned and prepared through the GATE syllabus, the next thing would be applying your knowledge and practice for the BIG exam day. An online mock test series or solving GATE previous year question papers would be the best way to measure your performance and know where you stand in your preparation for the GATE exam 2022. Online test series or question papers give you the liberty to appear for the mock tests from the comfort of your home or favourite study corner like a library, terrace, or even beachside. A good mock test series and model/previous year question papers provided by tech educational platforms like Ekeeda will add value to studies and make sure you clear GATE with excellent marks.
These were a few of the GATE Exam preparation tips that would be beneficial for you. As we said, “Every coin has its two sides, let's see the flaws or rather cons of the technology while preparing for GATE. Alan Moore quotes, “Technology is always a two-edged sword. It will bring in many benefits, but also many disasters.”, and it seems a perfect quote in the education field. If you use technology in the above-mentioned ways and in a good manner, you can gain benefits and gear up for your GATE preparation. However, if you take it for granted you will have to face grave consequences. To give a complete picture, here are a few habits you may want to consider before you blame digital advancements in your online GATE exam preparation:

Never Procrastinate
Procrastination is like a termite that will only eat up your time and break your schedule. When you enrol for physical GATE classes, there will be a lot of discipline and consistency in the schedule from yourself or rather say monitoring from parents & professors. However, since online would be at your own leisure time, it would be difficult to control and maintain regularity. It will act as a boon only for the ones who are punctual and serious about cracking GATE. One cannot afford to procrastinate or delay at any cost.
You Might Lose Focus
You can use technology in your favour to make sure you achieve your study goals, clear doubts, and play/pause videos to learn concepts at your comfort. However, one thing would be losing focus and wasting time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Thus, we should ensure technology should do more good rather than more harm to you. You shouldn’t just enter into stupid discussion, get instigated from social media posts, engage time in creating unwanted videos, or click a perfect selfie that will only make you look good but not lead to a successful career ahead. 
Credibility Of Online Source
The credibility of learning sources would again be a grave issue during your preparation for the GATE exam through online sources. Not everything on the internet is trusted and genuine. Thus, it would be wise to do a bit of research, read reviews, check ratings before you download any app or visit an educational platform. In today’s time, even faculty who impart lectures might either be aspiring candidates or ones who couldn’t clear the exam and now practice teaching. At times, you might be promised something and delivered below your expectation or complex terms. 
So, it’s very important you follow verified and trusted sources for GATE study material or information. When you search for any information on the internet, it is necessary that you check the source where you get information, cross verify facts, and figure before you move up the preparation level.

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In this era of increasing competition, you cannot afford to procrastinate or waste even a sec of the day. Technology doesn’t mean you rely on it for scores or results, it’s a mere tool to aid and enhance your learning experience. “Technology is Technology. Technology doesn’t have a, it is not good or bad. Technologies are tools.” When you utilize technology in the right direction to study smart along with credible sources like Ekeeda and the right guidance from IIT faculty you can deliver excellent results. You will be able to get through GATE preparation and even secure a spot on the merit lists. 
Hope you now have an idea on the role of technology in the GATE preparation 2022. And these GATE exam preparation tips will help you get through it in your first attempt.
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Our expert will also share some valuable tips and tricks to manage time and score excellent marks in the GATE exam. Download now.
Wish you good luck!

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