26 Oct 2021

How GATE Online Test Series Will Help You Prepare For Exam

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How GATE Online Test Series Will Help You To Prepare For Exam?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science for admission into the Master's Program and Recruitment by some Public Sector Companies. GATE 2022 is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and six other Indian Institutes of Technology at Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Chennai, Roorkee & Indian Institute of Science at Bengaluru on behalf of the National Coordination Board – GATE, The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India.
Why Appear In GATE 2022 Exam? 
There are various benefits of the GATE Exam such as pursuing post-graduate programs, studying overseas, securing jobs in PSU’s and more. Here are a few good reasons to attempt India’s top-rated competitive exam GATE 2022. 

  • With GATE 2022 score, you can secure admission in M.E/M. Tech courses and Ph.D programs at various IITs, NITs, IISc, and top-tier universities and institutes. 

  • GATE scores are considered by several foreign universities such as Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Technical University of Munich (Germany), and Aachen University (Germany), etc.

  • GATE scores can be used to apply for jobs in top-rated PSUs, Central Government, Government of India Firms and Private Sectors

  • You can join a state-level or national-level university/college to pursue M. Tech through GATE. You will be given a scholarship of INR 12,400 every month till the two years completion of the course.

  • GATE score remains valid for three years from the GATE result date to join the M. Tech program 

  • GATE scores will remain valid for the current year to secure government jobs. But, it will also depend on the PSUs for which you apply 

  • GATE is conducted for 29 subjects and a new subject - Biomedical, Naval & Marine Engineering, and Geomatics Engineering has been added to the lists. More subjects, more career opportunities!

About GATE 2022 Exam
GATE Exam 2022 will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur, and it has released the official information brochure for all the branches of the GATE exam. The GATE exam is going to be conducted from 5 and 6 February 2022 and 12 to 13 February 2022 (Tentative) in various cities across India. GATE scores are valid for a period of three successive years.
GATE Examination is conducted at the national level and roughly 1 million candidates are expected to appear for the GATE 2022 Exam. GATE Score carries a high weightage in top-tier institutes for the M. Tech admission process and also in prestigious PSUs for various engineering-related jobs. 
To appear for GATE, candidates should have completed 10+2+2 or 10+3+1, currently studying in 3rd or higher years of any undergrad degree, OR should have already graduated from government-approved degree programs in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce /Arts. The official notification PDF will have all the details such as GATE paper pattern, eligibility criteria, fees, important dates, registration, syllabus, etc. have been released.
Recently, the GATE 2022 registration process along with late fee payment has been concluded and now further registration are shut for 2022. Definitely, millions of candidates must have applied for the highly prestigious competitive exam in India. Candidates must have begun their preparation for GATE which is to be conducted in hardly a couple of months. Right from study materials to notes, model question papers to doubt lectures, online videos everything will be on the toes to get things correct and score excellent marks in the exam. However, the one think that will help you time travel and get a glimpse of the real GATE Exam will be the mock test series. Yes! GATE mock tests are the best tools to measure your performance and know where you stand in the preparation journey.

Why GATE Mock Tests?
Tests are an integral part of education; they will assess candidates' abilities and preparation levels for any form of academic or competitive preparation. Any exam is conducted to judge the candidate’s potential and knowledge. Tests and examinations play a key role in the journey of candidate’s life and their road to success. GATE exam is a mission accomplished or a dream come true for engineers. To achieve this dream or mission, they need to have a well-planned and strategic approach towards it.
Candidates are generally nervous during exams and mostly lose their self-confidence. Due to this, they tend to give wrong answers or leave half the paper blank. In order to combat this nervousness, and develop a thorough exam preparation; candidates should attempt mock tests.
In prior days, candidates had to run pillar to posts, to collect test materials and then attempt it to gain accuracy and speed. Followed by this, they would have to visit a professor or peer’s place to evaluate the score. This was all time-consuming and tiring for them. Thanks to the internet era, things are now at the click of a button. 
The online test series for GATE consists of a range of tests designed by industry professionals on the current GATE syllabus and trends. It comprises topic-wise, subject-wise, and full syllabus tests that cover every part of the syllabus in a systematic way. Based on your preparation level, you can give these mocks on a time-on-time basis and measure your performances.
Ekeeda GATE Test Series Online 2022 will provide a platform for candidates to judge and analyse their performance. Mock tests are designed while considering the previous year's question papers that will match the actual examination. It will help candidates to overcome their weaknesses, rectify their mistakes and give better performance after every test. More importantly, the test papers will be designed with the latest syllabus and revised trends of the GATE examination.

Benefits Of GATE Online Test Series
Mock tests are designed based on the actual paper pattern for the competitive exams. It helps students judge their studies, potential, and calibre to clear the actual exam. It will boost your confidence and make you more relaxed towards easy questions asked in complex ways.
Here are a few benefits of the Online Test Series For GATE
Gives Good Practice - It gives a great amount of practice for candidates so that they perform well in their real GATE exam. The continuous practice through online test series for GATE will make their every topic, subject thorough and increase the speed to solve particular problems and helps in improving the weaker areas or especially the tougher areas of the examination that are high scoring as well. 
Feel Real Exam - Mocks are just like a mirror that will help individuals show their real face or let's say where they rank in their preparation. These days many competitive exams are conducted online, therefore, test series will help students match the time band, speed limit, and difficulty levels and get them familiar and comfortable with the online competitive exams. 
Determine Learning Potential - Online test series for GATE will help you to determine the learning potential and progress in your performance. You can compare your performance with other aspirants and gauge where you rank in your preparation level. 
Improve Speed - GATE Online Test Series will provide ample of practice to improve the speed of answering questions and the tactics on how to answer complex questions.
Boost Confidence - Definitely, as and when you see your score goes up, it will boost confidence in you. It will help in driving away your exam fear and anxiety.
Learn Time Management- Since test series are almost a replica of the real GATE exams, it will give candidates an idea on how to solve questions in a limited time and continue the same practice in the real GATE exam. Online test series will provide an opportunity for self-improvement and gain accuracy for better scoring.

Why Online Test Series For GATE? 
Few Reasons to take up GATE Test Series Online will be as follows- 

  • Follow Excellent Time Management Skills 

  • Familiarizing and revising the concepts & gain accuracy

  • Make yourself use to the real exam environment 

  • Boosting your self-confidence & measure your performance

  • Know your weaknesses & Strengths 

  • Learn from your mistakes and lessen the scope of errors.

Few Tips To Prepare For GATE Online Test Series 
Online test series are like test waters to improve your performance and score excellent in the actual GATE exam. Thus, you cannot take them for granted; else you will weaken your performance and lose marks. Ekeeda online test series are designed by IIT experts who have years of experience in preparing students for GATE and other form of competitive exams. These test series are designed taking care of even minute details related to GATE exam syllabus, latest trends and practices. These experts will also share some quick tips & tricks to score accurate in your exam. 
So, follow these quick tips and sail effortlessly in your online test series: 

  • Plan your studies , work out a proper time table, and most importantly stick to it

  • Divide time slot for every subject based on the complexity level and scoring priorities

  • Practice as much as possible through model/GATE previous year question papers. 

  • Prepare quick notes and short cuts for formulae, derivations, etc. 

  • Attend Ekeeda live lectures to clear your doubts and move up the preparation ladder 

  • Try to understand concepts, instead mugging up and thoroughly revise them beforehand

  • Study in groups and discuss concepts with your mates, or even teach them to revise it. 

For GATE test series online, make sure your computers & laptops has stable internet connections to enjoy uninterrupted services. 
Keep Calm & Mock is ON. Sleep well. Follow healthy food practices & do physical exercise a bit.

On a concluding note - 
Ekeeda GATE Online Test Series are designed with an aim to assess the acquired knowledge, confidence, and skills of the engineering aspirants to perform better in their GATE exams. Candidates should take these tests seriously to taste the real exam to boost confidence and prepare better for the GATE examination. 
Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and hold grit determination. The only hurdle in your way is your procrastination and fear. Just win over it and it's like half the battle won!
With Ekeeda – India’s leading tech educational app you will get GATE online videos that will help you prepare for any topic, anytime. Right at your comfort and convenience you can watch videos online/offline and learn concepts from IIT experts in a simplified way. Besides, you will also get access to a host of other facilities such as PDF notes, Ekeeda GATE test series online, model/previous year question papers, and live lectures that will help you clear your doubts then and there. We believe in providing courses and access to the best quality study resources at pocket-friendly prices, along with easy EMI options.
Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app and start GATE preparation online today!

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