13 Sep 2021

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How To Crack PSU Interview After GATE 2022 Exam?

GATE 2022 exam is soon to be conducted and most of you are busy with the GATE preparation. You are all set to put in all your hard work, and strive to attain the best GATE score possible. GATE examination requires a lot of effort, concept clarity, practice, and most importantly dedication to go for it. For all of you, who aim for the top Indian PSUs jobs in India, it is important that you have to appear for the interview based on which it decides your fate.
We are all aware of the GATE exam pattern, its syllabus and to know more about the examination, you can follow our blog
GATE Syllabus | GATE Exam Syllabus 2022 For All Papers
GATE exam provides a lot of career paths especially to the engineering aspirants that includes: post-graduate programs like M.E/M.Tech, Ph.D., fellowship programs, jobs in top India PSUs or fly abroad for foreign studies. Every year candidates choose the best option suited for them based on their preference and career goal. For many candidates who will sit for GATE 2022, the goal will be landing a job in one of the top Indian PSUs. However, a good GATE score is a pre-requisite for a PSU job, and it's not the only thing to take you to the finish line.
For many candidates who will sit for GATE 2022, the goal will be landing a job in one of the top Indian PSUs. However, a good GATE score is a pre-requisite for a PSU job, and it's not the only thing to take you to the finish line. Some of the top India PSUs that conduct interviews include NFL, BHEL, RFCL, and more to shortlist the candidates based on the GATE score. The final selection would be a mix of GATE score and interview performance. The weightage for the GATE score for the interview will be 80:20.
Today, in our blog we will discuss with the candidates who are planning for PSU interview after
GATE 2022 exam. We will give you complete insights into the PSUs interview stages of the recruitment and what the interviewers will expect from you.
Here is the brief information about PSU through GATE 2022

  • PSU jobs through GATE will consist of three stages: GATE score, Group Discussion, and Interview. These stages will vary based on the PSU that you would apply for.

  • Different PSUs will have different requirements related to the specified subject, format, and also weightage given to the GATE score.

  • Most PSUs will give higher weightage to GATE score (80% & above), special focus will be given to Group Discussions and interviews

  • The number of candidates for interview will be 4 to 5 higher than the number of actual vacancies

  • To crack the GATE PSU interview, its important you have one thing in you and it should be out-of-the-box thinking and confidence

  • Lastly, be honest and don't show overconfidence. You may never know when the tables might turn against you.

  • PSUs interview panel will consist of 4 to 5 members and every member based on his or her area of expertise and forte will throw questions at you.

Things You Need To Watch Out For GATE PSU Interview
Know About The Company
When you plan for an interview of a particular PSU, make sure you know the inside out of the company. What it does, the work profile, facts and figures, prospects, and much more. You should have a basic understanding of the company and the sectors it's involved in. Who is the present division head? An interviewer would expect the candidate to know all the important things about the company. Few things to remember:

  • About the company's achievements such as any leader, project, or section. and if it has contributed to other company's progress.

  • About the job profile you're offered, the pay scale and service level agreement

  • Visit the website of the PSU and brush up on all the recent archives and news, and achievements

Subject Transparency
Candidates who have cleared the GATE 2022 exam with good GATE scores will be called for the interview. So, the examiner will expect the candidates to know their subjects thoroughly. Well! you can't be a master of all subjects but you should have knowledge of at least 3 to 4 subjects and practice it well. Apart from this, you should know about the final year project, industrial training, and job profile. Test your general knowledge. In all the GATE PSU interviews, candidates will be asked questions regarding current affairs, new discoveries, digital technologies, activities, and more. It can be national or international. Follow news closely and know the innovations, and achievements. You should be aware of what’s going on in every sector such as politics, economy, industrial, or sports
Understand PSU Interview Questions
At times interviewers will try to ask some tricky questions to confuse you and challenge your knowledge and skills. Why our company, What is your biggest achievement, Where do you see yourself five years down the line - all these questions sometimes leave you clean bowled. So prepare your answers quite carefully and cautiously. It should depict your firmness and determination. Display your strength and weaknesses. There is no harm in taking a pause before you speak because you should think and give a visionary answer. Many candidates are still not aware of giving answers to such questions and thus, taking interview guidance through GATE coaching institutes will really be helpful. The institutes can help you and guide you to give a perfect answer to the interviewer's question.
Now that you know how to prepare for a PSU interview, it's important to know few things that will be beneficial for you before joining.
Relax! We will help you with this.

Read About The Dream PSU - Understand the company from your career point of view. Make sure you don’t just go through the company profile but also talk about the project performance. Learn about the company, its growth prospects, and its future vision. It will help you make a better choice in case you have more than one offer in your hands.
HR Policy – Don’t just blindly choose your dream PSU. Check what the HR policy of the company has to say. Get familiar with the pay scale offered to the designation which is displayed in the advertisement. Most candidates feel CTC (cost to company) is what they receive. No! It’s not as such. The salary includes perks, incentives offered to that particular job profile.
Agreement – Find out if there is a service bong that you will have to sign. Is it feasible for you or not? Before signing off, it’s good to talk to someone in the family or close friend especially ones who are mentors and guide you well. The service bond is a legally binding contract under which candidates will have to compulsory work for. So candidates need to take this angle into mind before they sign the contract.
Understand the Job Profile – You should study the post you are applying for such as job functions, responsibility, reporting, place of posting, working conditions, colleagues, and more. In the end, you should love your job and not run only for money-making business else you will end up losing your confidence and career goal.
Improvise Your Resume – Don’t just take a plain one-page CV for the PSU interview, it should reflect your strength and achievement. But don’t be too jazzy or overstating facts. Put things you master at, and mention all your achievements that you have proof of. Try and make a good resume and put that forward while applying in the interview.
Finally, practice and hard work will help you reap the benefits and secure a spot in your dream PSU company. To gain an edge over the competitors, candidates can opt for
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