17 Feb 2023

How To Find Data Science Mentor For You

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Data science is a sublime combination of statistics, mathematics, and expertise in programming to create valuable insights and make sense of data. When we think about why Data science growing in importance, the answer is pretty simple - with the digitalization of nearly everything in our lives, and data being generated in quintillions, data science, and analytics have become an important practice and are termed daily life activities. The value of data is soaring heights.

Origin Of Data Science

Although Data Science has been around us ever since the 1960s, it has only gained traction in the last few decades. In 2001, William S Cleveland combined computer science with data mining to build a more technical approach to statistical analysis. Thus, as a result of this combination, data science was born.

Origin Of Data Science

Budding data scientists find it quite challenging to find the right mentors. This scenario is drastically changing and with the right approach and by looking at the corner, you will find data scientists mentors who will help you bridge the gap between theoretical and practical applications of data science.

Who Are Data Scientists?

Data scientists are the new breed of professionals who are highly in demand today; especially when tons and tons of data are floating in the market. A data scientist’s role comprises handling humongous amounts of data and analyzing it using data-driven methodologies. Once they come up with a sense of the raw but potential data, they will bridge the business gaps by communicating valuable insights and strategies to the team members and stakeholders – by making them understand the patterns and trends through data visualizations.

Data scientists will also use Machine Learning and AI, programming knowledge like Python, Java, SQL, Big Data, Mongo DB, Hadoop, and data mining to extract valuable information. Other than technical skills they will require good communication skills to translate the data and discover insights effectively for teams and stakeholders for actionable insights.

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Data Science Life Cycle

In this blog, we will see why individuals need mentors to learn data science and ways to find them: 

To learn data science is a different thing and getting mentorship on things like the latest techniques, trending topics, real-world projects, and working environment is a different thing. And this is what a Data Science mentor does for you. Mentorship will let aspirants understand their weak points and work towards strengthening them. Good data scientist mentors will build a constructive path with appreciation & criticism that will help aspirants grow and upskill. There are several ways to find perfect mentors who are well aware of the dos & don’ts of data science.

Data Science Mentoring

LinkedIn is a great platform to search for professional data scientist mentors, besides this, there are online forums, and platforms specifically designed to connect aspiring data science professionals with reputed data science programmers, developers, engineers, consultants, and tutors who are industry experts. These platforms allow you to search for mentors that meet your specific requirements while also offering chat features to connect with the person.

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Why There Is A Need For Mentorship In Data Science?

In the early days of data science jobs, you could just brush up your programming skills, fill a small portfolio with scikit-learn projects and you could see offers rolling in. But things have changed a lot. The Data Science industry has made a lot of advancements in a small span of time. Such advancements have done in two areas – resulted in organizations looking for more than the basic skills of data scientists and created a huge demand for data scientists there being creating intense competition among job seekers.

Data Science Productivity Curve


What Mentorship Does For Data Scientists?

  • Give guidance and help you stay motivated & discover the path you need to enroute upon.

  • Know what it takes to get to the top & be a valuable resource by giving answers to your career, and work-related questions & provide good advice.

  • Help stay passionate about your success and brand.

  • Offer you a wealth of knowledge & resources and stay connected with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

  • It’s like your personal cheerleader and helps you discover new data science opportunities.


Where Will You Find Mentors?

Where To Find Data Science Mentors

Online Courses

Ekeeda offers the best online data science training program that gives an in-depth knowledge of data science, assignments based on the latest trends and techniques, and sessions by industry experts with personalized attention to every participant. Learn to code and solve doubts with a 1:1 mentor. These programs are led by industry experts who have decades of experience in data science – who come from top-tech companies across India. Along with the industry-focused curriculum, case studies, and assignments, real-world projects will give you a sneak peek into the real work environment. There are mocks, resume writing, and communication skills sessions to build your confidence and clear interview round in top data science companies in India. The placement team will assist you in searching for dream jobs in top tech companies and start-ups.

LinkedIn or Twitter

To learn data science is never easy without help from the community or from someone who is interested in helping beginners. These someone will be available on LinkedIn Data Science Community or Twitter Data Science Community. Alternatively, platforms like Ekeeda have come up with Discord – India’s 1st dedicated community for students.

Why Discord? It's for all aspirants, skilled enthusiasts, passionate, and pros alike. This is YOUR group, built for you to share your inspiration, ideas, accomplishments, and journeys in skill development.

  • Peer-to-Peer discussions for start-up ideas, mentorships, etc
  • Talk to your idols from FB, Google, and Amazon to clear hurdles
  • Lifetime support on Soft skills, Aptitude Tests & Profile Building
  • Pitch ideas to ‘Think Tanks’, and hone your analytical skills
  • Participate in industry events & grow your professional network

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Tech Conferences & Global Summit

One of the excellent ways to connect with peers, mentors, and recognized data scientists will be at tech conferences, hackathons, and summits. Summits and conferences bring the best minds in data science under a single roof and what better chance is to get in touch with the pioneers of the industry? There are hundreds of data science conferences held across the globe – where a pool of talent showcases their skills, shares experiences, and introduces rising trends and practices in Data Science. Data Science Pundits share knowledge of big data engineering, AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, data visualization, etc.

Paid Mentorship

Although, it's not the sureshot way to find mentors, if you still have a good income to spend, we would suggest hiring a mentor who will walk through your data science problems. Paid mentors are of incredible help as they allow us to ask all the dumb questions that would make you feel embarrassed in community forums, mentors on certified programs, etc. Paid mentors offer hands-on programming 24X7 and complete clarity on in-demand data science tools and techniques.

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