08 Jul 2022

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Future Of Data Science And Important Skills For Data Scientists

Data Science is one of the hottest career fields in the market. It’s a field that involves Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Cleaning, Preparation, and Analysis of voluminous data sets. Data scientists have the caliber to transform this raw and highly potential data into valuable insights that will help companies improve business operations and outcomes. The role of data scientists is in great demand across the globe and it's denoted as the ‘coolest job of the 21st century. Taking up an online certification in Data Science will be a great way to seek a good position in every expanding field.

There will be a sharp increase in demand for data scientists and around 11.6 million openings will be generated by 2026. Some of the positions that are highly in demand include: Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Data Manager, Database Administrators, Business Intelligence, Statisticians, and Big Data Architects. Forever, various tech-enabled companies, FINTECH companies, travel, and insurance companies are becoming major players in recruiting skilled data scientist professionals.

Data Science Trends

Working with large organizations, retailers to manufacturers, or service-oriented industries, and even broadcast media data scientists have to apply mathematics, statistics, programming skills, and creative problem solving to derive valuable insights from raw pieces of data. While the core concepts for data science is around for a long time, the opportunities packed with the latest techniques have made the study applications more compelling and versatile. Data science and business are something that goes hand-in-hand and is important for the prosperity of any business. Here are a few trends in the Data Science field.

Turn Data Into Business Insights

The ability to extract information from BIG data sets is one of the critical components for businesses – to optimize sales, reach, and production. There are several data sources for marketing experts to leverage like digital analytics, economic trend research, or social media reports. It’s a huge asset in itself but comes with its own ways and challenges that Data Scientists will help us navigate. Such data experts will use data to check where conversations are carried out, or interest is generated, which outreach method is effective and how customers establish contact with the brand.

Data Science In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the key industry that will reap the benefits of future data science. It has helped businesses to revolutionize operations, reduce scraps, optimize fabrication rates, reduce supply chain forecasting, and improve yields of various products by 25-30%. Efficiency is increased through specific applications like data mining, deep learning, and ML. Data science will also help to reduce supply chain risk, boost the competitive edge, give predictive maintenance, customize products and improve the after-sale services and user experience.

Real-Time Data Analysis

As we collect & analyze huge data in real-time, the capacity for mining the information to derive actionable insights will help companies improve their business performance. In some environments like travel, real-time analysis creates the best offers and reduces loads on drivers. While the data captured will differ from company to company and task, this trend will allow businesses to become more automated and advanced. The insights offered by data scientists will have a deep context to the information, allowing businesses to make important decisions to improve safety profit margins, pricing and more. These trends in data science will offer insights to future learners and important skills for the future to develop in the data science field.

The Data Scientist Future

Businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations have all become more data-centric. In fact, the entire nation using data science platforms is expected to double in the next 2-3 years. It’s good news for the data scientists. The field of computer and IT will continue to bloom and offer data science job opportunities for those with the right skills & training. There will be 25% growth between 2016 and 2026, which is well above the average of all jobs. Proficiency in coding languages and data analysis will boost the ability of graduates to find well-paid and exciting data science jobs in the field.

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The Important Skills For Data Scientists

To be the best Data Scientist and stand out from the rest you need the following skills:

  • Mathematical And Statistical Knowlege
  • Data Analytics and Modelling
  • Machine Learning Methods
  • Programming Skills
  • Data Visualization
  • Intellectual Curiosity 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Business Acumen

Discover Opportunities in the Data Science Field

If you’re interested in IT, programming, and mathematics, there has never been a better time to seize upon the momentum of data science. For its wide applications in numerous industries, the new global reliance on insights gleaned from data, and the vast potential that this field has to grow and evolve, the future of data science appears very bright. Learn how you can capture these opportunities.

Google and you’ll find some of the best online data science courses. Make sure you have a word with the team, check the faculty experience, review ratings, and attend mentor sessions before you enroll with a particular platform.

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